NMD 07 Rev 7 Mean Time 1

NMD 07 Rev 7 Mean Time 1

NMD 07 Rev 7 Mean Time 1

NMD 07 Rev 7 Mean Time 1

In the last study of chapter 6, NMD 06 First six Seals, we have seen the opening of the first six Seals and the consequences. In study NMD 07 Rev 7 Mean Time 1 we will study Revelation 7 where we will see what happens in the Mean time 1 for the people Sealed and the Great Multitude.

We will see that the seal judgments are interrupted. So it is not a continuation of the sixth seal and not the beginning of the 7th judgement. In this chapter, an explanation or further details are given of things in heaven and on earth. A so called framework or settings. In our time we also find such a framework or setting reflected in our modern magazines often placed in the middle of or at the side of an article with comments or details. In order not to disturb the judgement series of Revelation this framework is called “In the mean time” At this part of the study we will study the NMD 07 Rev 7 Mean Time 1.

In NMD 07 Rev 7 Mean Time 1 Angels play an active roll

Four angels are ordered to hold back the four winds of the earth. We see here for the first time, that angels play an active role in the events of the end time. Maybe these four angels are the first angels blowing the trumpets that we will soon see in Revelation 8. Angels play a much larger role than most people realise. We need to be aware that there are in the invisible world around us a large multitude of serving creatures, who are silent and can move with the speed of light.

We don’t know what the purpose is of holding back the four winds on earth. Will there be a period of complete calm? Maybe it is good just to realise what that means. Nowadays in some parts of the world sometimes there is hardly any wind and immediately there is smog, dust, stench etc. Or is it a silence after the storm that revelation 6 has stirred up? Maybe a time to slow down, to have a moment to think about what has happened and to consider the consequences. Or is it a calm before the storm, because later, in Revelation 8, comes another intensive series of judgements.

Below the video can be started by pressing the picture on the left hand side while the sheets can be seen by press the picture on the right hand side.

Video NMD 07 Sheets NMD 07

Video: NMD 07 Rev 7 Mean Time 1

Video: NMD 07 Rev 7 Mean Time 1

Sheets: NMD 07 Rev 7 Mean Time 1

Sheets: NMD 07 Rev 7 Mean Time 1






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NMD 07 Points of discussion

These points of discussion are listed in the table below and are consecutively numbered from 1,2 etc.  The points can be seen as a short summary of parts in the study, which are in sequential order.  The answers are practically the full texts, which are given in the study.  The added drawings are meant as reference points in this study.

Points of discussion of NMD 07 Revelation 7 Sealed and the Great Mulitude
NMD 07 point of
discussion number
Contents of points of discussion
1 What comfort picture does John see in chapter 7 and why did the angels have to wait in Rev 7:3?

Who are, for the first time, actively involved with the execution of the judgements in Rev 7:1-2 and what does it mean “holding back the four winds on earth” for mankind?

3 Who is under control in Rev 7:3 and what must be done first?
Revelation 7 Meantime 1 Sealed

Revelation 7 Meantime 1 Sealed

Who are the sealed 144,000?


In the book of Revelation, numbers are often used in a symbolic meaning, why couldn’t that be the case here with the 144,000 sealed?


Which tribe is missing on the enumeration of the tribes of Israel and which tribe comes in its place? Is that missing tribe completely dismissed by God?

7 How is the time of Israel, described in Rev 7, also called in the old Testament?
Revelation 7:9 Great Multitude

Revelation 7:9 Great Multitude

How are the people called in the second part of Rev 7, where do they come from and are they welcome?

9 Who are these people, from which time do they come and do they come from the Church?

What is the difference between the believers from the days of grace and the believers from the Great Tribulation?


























Answers to the questions NMD 07 Revelation 7 Mean Time 1

Answers to the questions NMD 07 Revelation 7 Mean Time 1

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