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No More Delay a new Bible prophecy end time study

Bible prophecy end time

Bible prophecy end time

No More Delay (NMD) is a Bible study based on the dutch book “Geen Uitstel Meer” written by the Reverend Wim Embregts and published by “Het Zoeklicht“.

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This study explains the Bible prophecy end time (Old and New Testament). Wim has been a minister, a Bible teacher and a teacher at the Dutch Bible school in the Hague and Zeist, the Netherlands, for more than 60 years. Furthermore he has written more than 10 books as well as having many articles on the Bible being published. Unless otherwise said we will frequently use the Holy Bible version: New International Version.

Bible prophecy end time

No More Delay comes from the Bible verse in Revelation 10:6. The study explains the last book of the Bible REVELATION and is structured in a modern way. The study goes into great detail and helps you to understand the events happening in the end times by clear pictures and sound. The end time is defined as the time in which God, the Creator, puts an end to all wars, iniquities, injustice and will create a new Heaven and Earth. In the drawings, based on the information of the Bible, we can see and hear for example: the flashes of lightning, rumbles and peals of thunder when we study the throne of God in Rev 4.
The book of Revelation can be divided into the following four parts:

Segmentation of the bible book of Revelation
Bible part Theme
1 Rev. 01 An introduction of the Author of the book of Revelation,
how powerful is He and why this information?
2 Rev. 02-03 The Churches given by 7 examples. A reflection of a period where the Church is on earth.
3 Rev. 04-19 The Great Tribulation. A period where God uses His authority
and the antichrist leads the world to disaster.
4 Rev. 20-22 A renewal of all things. New Earth and a New Jerusalem.







In order to have an idea about the contents and the used sheets, you find below a slide show, showing the most important parts of the study at a glance (average 1 minute) by pressing on a picture you can follow that part of the study. If you want to follow the full study you can go to the relevant pages.


No More Delay study material will be made available via this site. A special packet can be made available for Bible teachers. If you have any questions or remarks please drop a line to Hans and we will try to answer them as soon as possible.

I would like to thank the No More Delay project team who made it all possible:

the Baptist Church Immanuel
Author: Wim Embregts:
Technical part: Hans van Wingerden
Bible reading: Patricia van Wingerden
Text editor: Pat Rauch.

No More Delay consists of 26 studies with an average time of 30 minutes per study. This time interval is specially chosen for individuel studies and for studies in study groups or house meetings. At the end of each study a number of questions are given specially for study groups or house meetings to study the Bible prophecy end time. The answers to those questions can be found by pressing the Answer picture which can be found at the bottum of the page on the right hand side. On the page NMD Overview of the book of Revelation you can find a survey of these studies per Dvd.
If you like you can order the complete study on a memory stick. The price for an order is only the production costs, the cost of hardware (memory stick USB 2.0 or USB 3.0) and the cost of mailing. If you have any questions send an E-mail to: Hans

Why is the “Bible prophecy end time” so important and
why is it so different from that which present churches tell us?

Let us start with the first question. It is very essential to acknowledge our Creator God, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit the Spirit of wisdom and understanding. Not only that but also to accept the Lord as your saviour.

The second part of the question needs a longer answer as with some answers there is a lot of history involved. Read the following points:
1. The Bible, from Genesis until Revelation, is the only leading word of God.
2. The traditional church books and traditions are not prior to or not a substitute for the Bible. These books are only the word of man which leads the church.
3. The order of events written in the Bible, in particular the book of Revelation, should not be changed or chosen in an arbitrary way which leads to incoherency. If you ask those people the question where in the Bible their order of events is given, in which the various parts of Revelation have to be read, the answer is amazing as well as surprising: We follow the order of events for the last 2000 years this way. Another reason is that the order of events is given in the traditional church books.
4. Fear: It is frightening to read what is written in Revelation.
5. A war is sweeping through heaven and on the earth. And that is exactly what God tells us in Revelation. Not only in that book, as we will see during our study, but it is mentioned in other parts of the Bible in the old as well as the new testament. For example in the book of Daniel. Unfortunately people simply do not believe in this battle. So they are willing to change the word of God.

The leaders in the time period from 350 until 814 AC did have a great influence on the way we should read the Bible. The church father Augustinus (a Christian theologian), who lived from 354 to 430 AC believed that because the Jews crucified Christ they are dismissed and replaced by God by the Church people. Not only that but he told the people we are living in the 1000 year peace period as described in the book of Revelation. When the 1000 year passed nothing happened so what the present church does nowadays, is just ignore the book of Revelation but they hold on to the church book out of tradition. The Holy Roman Emperor “Carles the Great”, who lived from 742 – 814 AC, even wanted to force everybody into Christianity. By the way, the last 2000 years have not been all that peaceful ……

This study is also available in Dutch and German.

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We wish you God’s blessing by studying the book of Revelation.